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 So I found this website: www.750words.com and I'm in love.  It's encouraging me to write every day, which is great,  and it doesn't publish what I write which is even better because then I just vomit about whatever I'm thinking about.  It's great.  We'll see how long it lasts.  I have to get to work on my paper.
It's due in a week, officially.


It's been almost a whole year since I've posted here and that's just damn weird.
I have homework to do (That's right, I'm still in school. Grad school- which is much better, but I still have homework) so I can't stay long, except to say that I have HUGE plans for NaNoWriMo and also New York Comic-con was awesome.

That is all.

On the path of life, I wish you well.

GOD NaNo is more than half over. Barely.
I'm not half way to the end, but the month is more than half over.
My play is almost over, too but the fucking ending is being as evasive as ever.
I'm trying to let the Barenaked Ladies drag it out of me. But it refuses to end. I've got to go back and add scenes in the first and second act, but I can't decide where. It's something to keep in mind as I'm polishing up the final draft.

So here's what's got to go down.
My main character has a decision to make between the love lost from her youth and the stable man who she's been with for seven years. Both have made proposals of sorts. The lover from the past has returned with a confession of love. He wants her to choose him, to come away from her home with him and...
I'm exhausted. That, my friends, is the definition of NaNo November, however.
That is all.

Oh, and Star Trek comes out.... today.
NaNo has begun.  Expect to see more of me, ironically, since this is where I go when it's four in the morning and the trucks start talking to me.  And yes, I will once again most likely be one of those annoying whiney sunsabitches that run to the internet when real life gets out of control.  It's okay, because I admit it willingly.
The end.

Here I am again.
I am heading into what promises to be a rather... unprecedented weekend.  I was planning on spending a good chunk of time at home, but apparently my family has Mets tickets on Sunday because no one bothered to tell my Dad I was coming home this weekend.  I guess I'll just have to go to Jersey instead... *sigh*
Today while working at the library, I caught up a little with my friend Alex (my sometimes lover and sometimes mother?) and I just hate how little I see her.  I wish we lived closer (and that she didn't live so damn close to my Biggest Regret) so we could spend more time together.  In the mean time, we decided to open a Cupcake and Muffin store that also sells cake and pie.  Jeremy and Ross are going to play Rockband at the door because every little bakery needs local musicians.  I love the plans that Alex and I come up with.  
I'm counting down the days until I go home (where, apparently, I am sorely missed by my FYE coworkers D: ) with great anticipation.  I have a Big Bang Theory Second Season DVD waiting for me and NO Bowling for Soup CD because the release got pushed back to October.  This does not please me.  I need to have a talk with those boys...
Anyhow, I am tired and my work is actually done (mostly) for my classes tomorrow, so I'm going to put on Empire Strikes Back and take a snooze.
I love you all and need to sleep. NIGHT
 ...now all of a sudden some strange things are happening to me.

Yeah I've seen Toy Story like six times in three days.  I've been trying to write a little lately and there's just nothing that wants to be written.  It's really weird.  I don't know that I approve of this.  In fact, I know 100% that I don't.  Pirate dinner is on Friday night and I'm very very excited.  Of course, I'm also sick now, which I think I may have caught from Teddy, but that's neither here nor there.
I'm finally making some money again, which I'm very happy with.  The credit card actually helps with that.  I've been paying it off regularly, which I'm very proud of.  
Yay Toy Story for the second time today!

Summer is almost over and I'm pretty satisfied with the way things have gone.  I didn't talk to Eric nearly enough, nor did I talk to Lee anywhere near even an acceptable amount.  But other than that, it's been an awesome summer.  I can't complain, over all.  I hope the fall semester is equally (or... more....) agreeable.  We'll see how things go with Ali at UMBC this semester.  I hope she does well.  Anyhow, I should get to reading a bit and paying Teddy a little attention.  Lunch with Nathan and Brendon, and then work work work! YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

My Wena is lonely tonight...

 I love Bowling for Soup.  Let me just get that much out of the way.

Here are some things I haven't been doing nearly enough of:
1. reading
2. writing.
3. updating on livejournal
4. checking soulpancake on a regular basis
5. spending time with Sarah Jonas and various other people, but mostly the lovely Sarah.

I'm headed for a shower and work, but that's my list.

We can never go back to before...

Alright, so. Freeze ray.

GOD I wish.

No seriously.  I'm home for the summer.  I've done a little bit of cleaning in my room, some knitting, almost caught up on Firefly (Lauryn wants a Jayne hat like burning...) and started reading the intro to The Picture of Dorian Gray, but haven't gotten into the actual book yet. I'm sure when I do, I'll be reading a lot faster.  I wrapped christmas lights around the beam that's showing in my ceiling.  I also set up my entertainment center, complete with XBOX 360 which I like better for DVDs since I can turn off the console from my bed.  I have plans to rearrange and set up the coffee table in the center(ish) of the room.  Ali and I plan to go to the salvation army later this week and look for a small couch or something.  I'm thinking this room might be... livable this summer.  I also might look for another good-sized bookcase.  I'm going to try to sell the extra TVs on craigslist, and maybe get rid of a lamp or four that way, too.  I've got plans.  Lots of plans.  How many get followed through, I couldn't tell you. But I've at least got plans.

Star Trek weekend was AWESOME.  I picked up Jeremy on my way home from school and he stayed at Rich's for the weekend.  I babysat for Teddy and he's an absolute DREAM.  We went to see Star Trek at the IMAX in White Plains, and it was the most sparkly, most wonderful movie I could have asked for.  Brit actually really enjoyed it, and even though her t-shirt was a tad short on her, she thought it was adorable.  I think she's always glad when I'm around when Jeremy and Rich get together, because then at least there's someone to talk to who a) also usually doesn't have a CLUE what those two are jabbering on about and b) is willing to talk girl-stuff.  She and I wandered in the gas station for snacks while the boys took care of filling the baja with gas.  I love her.  A lot.  Jeremy disowned me since I didn't know who Gene Rodenberry was... but I'll never be allowed to make that mistake again.  I suppose a REAL Star Trek education is in order, along with other educations this summer.  Rich made us all breakfast in the morning, which was (as usual) amazing! 

I was supposed to have lunch with Joey today, but he wasn't feeling well, and neither was I, so we ended up cancelling.  We might get together to watch Firefly sometime soon.  I'm supposed to hang out with Sarah tomorrow, maybe we can get some writing done.  That would be cool.  Oh, and I found my spider Trick-or-treat bag earlier today.  I may use it, even if it IS out of season...  WoW won't install on my computer, despite my greatest efforts.  A new desktop might be in my future, so who am I to complain? Also, I may very well have passed Astro.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I asked around about jobs at the mall a few days ago.  Journeys is hiring again/still so as soon as I'm done here, I'm going to fill out the application and hand it in tomorrow.  The Gap is hiring, also, as well as Forever 21, and I'm going to fill out an online app for Barnes and Noble but they aren't hiring.  I figure it's not a bad plan to have my name in their minds in case anything happens...  I'm going to call the radio station tomorrow and see when I can start up my unpaid internship down at WEBE.  At least it'll be something to do to pass the time. 

Buster is the most amazing puppy.  He's learning to climb stairs and Ali brought him up to wake me up in my bed this morning with doggy kisses.  He tried to steal the Jenisaur.  I didn't let him though, so it's okay. Other than Buster, things on the home front are a bit rocky.  Caitlin has her exhibition this week, so she's in a really bad mood all the time and I just don't have the patience for her.  I'm trying to make plenty of time for her and Lauryn, but so far Laur is the only one I can really put up with for extended periods of time.  I dyed Ali's hair today, and that was fun.  We spent a lot of the day running around town running errands, as we also did yesterday.  And that's about it for now.  It's too early in the season to declare the summer wasted or awesome, and I'm skeptical to expect either one.  Lee got a car yesterday, and Jeremy gets his tomorrow.  Also, we discovered that train tickets (and the time it takes to ride said train) are doable from here to Jersey.  Of course, Rich and I already also know that road trips are even more than just doable- they're AWESOME and we LOVE them, so one or two of those might be in order.  Plus, there's Graduation parties to plan, camping trips to look forward to, and the possiblilty of an early return to Baltimore in my future.  I think at the very least, things might actually be okay.

I just wish my brain would get the message.

I started drawing again.
And apparently updating more regularly.  It's either this or throw a microwave and refrigerator into a large body of water, and I feel like if I did that I would have criminal charges on me before the fridge even sank.
The drawing feels good.
So does the updating.  I'm gonna chase that feeling.



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