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How do you document real life?

18 February
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  • jenisaurusrex@livejournal.com
I write primarily with paper and pen, and as such it takes forever for things to find their way to internet. And by forever what I actually mean is they usually don't find their way to the internet.
I'm working on a few fanfics right now, and their internetization should begin soon.
I have only ever completed one fanfiction. It was started and finished exclusively during classes I am paying entirely too much to take.
If you want to read my movie reviews, you can do so at screenspotlight.com
If you want to see my drawings... they should be up at deviant art once I figure out how to use the scanner at the library. My username is jenisaursus because apparently I can't even spell my own alias.
I enjoy macaroni and cheese in any form, but my two favorites are the homemade variety, and the Kraft spongebob variety. The latter somehow tastes better when consumed with Sarah Murray.
I love to read. If there are letters on a page, a wall, a poster, or the floor, I will stop to read them.
I was in the car once with my parents when I was about four, and I read all the road signs I could see. We were in the car for three or four hours. I am lucky I wasn't left on the side of the road.
Furthermore, I love Harry Potter. That, however, is a misnombre, since I actually HATE Harry Potter the character. What I love is the Harry Potter universe, specifically Ron Weasley, and by extension, the entire Weasley family. I would love nothing more than to live at the Burrow.
I. hate. Jane. Austen.
Ironically, I attend a school which prides itself on an extensive Jane Austen collection.
I am fond of the color pink. I like things that sparkle. I am easily distracted by items that catch the sun.
I think animals are hilarious and intriguing, and I could and have watched bunnies jump and spin all day long.
The Doodlebops legitimately scare the shit out of me. If they don't scare you, I believe you have no soul.

I'm sure this will become longer the more frequently I update this journal.

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